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Fash Philetta Designs LLC

Fash Philetta Designs LLC is known for specializing in blends of stylish African wear accompanied with European silhouettes. As a family owned company, we are famous for designing multipurpose clothing for women, men, and even children. The company has been in production for such clothing designs since 1997 and the 2014 clothing collection, which is known as “The Cross Over” incorporates designs ranging from formal, business suits, and even evening attire.

As a company, we design clothes in multiple settings such as fashions for social occasions and careers. We also strive to meet the needs of both mature adults and young professionals looking for simple yet affordable clothing that guarantees elegance. One of the areas of expertise in which this company prides itself is the provision of formal, custom, business, and wedding attires for men, children, and women. With our clothes, you are assured diversity and flare to different types of events such as proms, weddings, church, or any casual social occasion.

In addition, we specialize in Women Business/Executive Suits, all that are a ‘customized fit’ for you. To achieve this, we use a combination of fabrics from different countries across the world, and the company has design operations in countries such as Sudan, Liberia, USA, Ghana, and Nigeria. Even though we are not a nonprofit organization, we also collaborate with nonprofit organizations while promoting their causes all over Canada and the U.S to undertake special projects, which is the company’s way of giving back to humanity.  

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